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We are a Global Leading Online Education Provider

The Career Academy is an award winning company specialising in high quality, industry recognised online courses. We have successful operations in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Over 20,000 students study with us every year and we are 100% committed to helping them succeed in their career.

Our education driven team of developers and tutors are committed to providing exceptional online courses and personal tutor support. We offer a range of employer recognised courses as well as specialist courses to improve job performance. Our focus is on mentoring, inspiring and supporting people through training so their career or business can reap the rewards. Course delivery is flexible, so our students can study with minimal disruption to their daily life. We offer flexible payment plans so anyone wanting to learn has the opportunity no matter their circumstances.

Receive Unlimited Support From Experienced Professionals

Our tutors at The Career Academy are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. Students receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email. 

−  Meet Your Tutors & See What Our Students Say


Awais (Accounting Tutor)

Awais believes a good tutor is someone who has an affinity with the students they are teaching, and he is just that. After graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Accounting & Finance, he is now working towards excelling as the next generation of chartered accountants. Awais enjoys integrating and connecting with his students to aid them in achieving their desired qualification.

Awais has a natural ability to empathise with students and can relate to the pressure in this academic voyage. As such, he aims to make the journey as smooth as possible.

 I am satisfied with the quality of the course and specially with the tutor Awais Khan who is helping me. 

Ines N


Adeeb (Accounting Tutor)

Adeeb is an Accounting and Bookkeeping tutor at The Career Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Coventry University. Adeeb loves to encourage and help students reach their full potential within the accounting sector with his wealth of knowledge. Through his experiences with the education system, he believes that all students have their own learning methods.  This has led to him providing different teaching methods and styles to accommodate different types of students.

Adeeb has a lot of hobbies outside of work. One being football. Adeeb is a football fanatic, as Adeeb supports Liverpool. He loves the Premier League. On his days off, he is either playing or watching football. He also loves his food. I would go as far as to say he is a food connoisseur. But his main priority is to help students achieve their dreams and aspirations.

 Adeeb Khan is the best ..he is very helpful thank you Adeeb 

Violet C

About Our Student Advisors

Our Student Advisors are career consultants who are dedicated to finding the perfect course for our students. They have extensive knowledge about the variety of courses available and are contactable via phone or by downloading an info pack.


Apar is one of our resident course gurus, and while one day there might be a course he doesn’t know inside and out, it hasn’t been created yet. This gives him the uncanny ability to guide students to the right path and help them find the course that is perfect for them.

He especially likes to see students getting excited about the interactive exercises and quizzes in their course, and thinks that these unique learning options are what makes our students love learning with us.



Thomas loves to see the enthusiasm that students have when they’re enrolling in a course. ‘They’re happy to be learning and taking the next step’ he says, and we think that this makes a huge difference when it comes to succeeding in their course.

While you wouldn’t think that advising students taking their next step in their education and flying through the air on a motorbike would come in the same package – Thomas is living proof that you’d be wrong. Although he freely admits that he’s pretty lucky to be living proof at all – he once spent a month bedridden with a broken ribcage after a motorbike crash.


While Ash’s official title is ‘Course Advisor,’ a big part of his day-to-day is being a little bit of a fortune teller. When students call him up, it’s Ash’s job to help them see all the potential futures available to them if they enrol. He’s also happy to report that their futures are looking bright. The thing he likes most about The Career Academy is that every single member of the team is pulling together to make sure that our students have the best education experience they can possibly have. When Ash is away from his crystal ball, he tries to keep himself busy by hitting the gym.

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Students Gain an Industry Recognised Qualification

The Career Academy is industry recognised through a large number of education partnerships, international accreditations, endorsements and memberships.

We are an Award-Winning Online Education Provider

The Career Academy has received a prestigious award for being a finalist in the Westpac Business Awards – Excellence in Customer Service Delivery. In November 2016, The Career Academy was recognised for its exceptional 270% growth by the Deloitte Fast 50 awards. In 2017 The Career Academy was honoured as part of the Deloitte Fast 50 index, for the second year running achieving a massive 678% growth!

The Career Academy will give you industry-related skills & the support to get on the path to make your dreams happen. Take the next step today!


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