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About The Career Academy

We are a leading online course educator provider

The Career Academy is an award winning company specialising in high quality, industry recognised online courses. We have successful operations in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Over 20,000 students study with us every year and we are 100% committed to helping them succeed in their career.


Our education driven team of developers and tutors are committed to providing exceptional online courses and personal tutor support. We offer a range of employer recognised courses as well as specialist courses to improve job performance. Our focus is on mentoring, inspiring and supporting people through training so their career or business can reap the rewards. Our accounting tutors are either qualified in Xero or experienced Chartered Accountants and members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia.

The Career Academy’s course delivery is flexible, so our students can study with minimal disruption to their daily life. We offer flexible payment plans so anyone wanting to learn has the opportunity no matter their circumstances. We work closely with business and educational organisations to provide up to date academic content for our students that is relevant for every industry.



“The Career Academy are fully committed to helping to develop and support Irish students so they can succeed in their career or business. One of the Dublin Chamber’s objectives is to support and inspire business vitality and success – and together The Career Academy and Dublin Chamber are keen to further support.  We look forward to welcoming you as a new member once you graduate to continue your journey and success in your business.  There are a  number of members benefits including connecting, networking events, learning, maximise and grow your business, business savings, acting as a voice for business and being a platform for success.  The Career Academy will award students a 12 month subscription for membership to the Dublin Chamber on completion of the chosen course. We look forward to welcoming you.” Paul Byrne, Head of Membership Development, Dublin Chamber of Commerce

The Career Academy is a proud sponsor of the Irish Heart Foundation


Rassul Telida, Sales Manager 

Rassul is Sales Manager at The Career Academy. Rassul loves The Career Academy’s vision to make education easy, accessible and at the same time to provide quality education to students. She is committed to helping students succeed and helping students find a course that helps them succeed in their business or career.

Imbraz Uddin, Student Advisor 

Imbraz has worked as a student advisor at The Career Academy for a number of years. He is passionate about helping students find the best course for them and helping them in their business or careers. Here is some feedback from a recent student he enrolled: “Imbraz was brilliant and was very informative, I got all the answers I was looking for without any pressure :)”

Jessie Nankivell, Global Academic Manager

Jessie is a Chartered Accountant and one of life’s natural engineers. If something’s broken, she’ll fix it. This strong personality trait was well-honed during her time with Xero, and now she’s always looking for ways to improve processes for staff and students alike*. This not only helps people understand their learning concepts and have a positive experience with their studies, but provides Jessie with tremendous job satisfaction.

Her best piece of advice to anyone considering a course with The Career Academy? “That’s a great idea! Online learning means you can work at your own pace around work and life commitments. Our tutors are genuinely here to help; if you need a hand, all you have to do is ask.”

*(She’s also not averse to dismantling her own washing machine to find and fix a problem!)

Douglas Cross, Student Services 

Douglas works in Student Services at The Career Academy is committed to helping students succeed in this studies. He has previously worked in customer service roles and understands the importance of putting students first.

Daniel Hunt, Global CEO

Daniel Hunt

Daniel Hunt is a highly qualified chartered accountant, business advisor and the founder of The Career Academy.

Daniel completed his postgraduate qualifications while working at Price Waterhouse Coopers. During this time he was encouraged to pursue teaching in business, accounting & bookkeeping, and saw a need for people other than those working toward a tertiary qualification to receive high quality education.  He has been a tutor for Open Colleges Australia and is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and holds an Australian Certificate IV in Training in Assessment.

Daniel is also a writer for the new Chartered Accountant Program which has been created by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA). This is a professional program which is completed by almost 4,000 aspiring chartered accountants each year.

David Parasol, Director


David Parasol is the managing director of CT Solutions Australia Pty Ltd. Before establishing CT Solutions Australia, David spent over 12 years in Public Practice, starting his accounting career in 1994 with a small firm where he became an Associate in 1999. When working with The Career Academy he is one of our Senior Tutors & an Accounting Software Expert,

David has extensive experience in taxation, accounting and business services and is a Director and Shareholder of The Career Academy PTY Ltd. He is also a highly accredited and experienced CA mentor and accounting software trainer.

Dilip Prankumar – Expert Tutor

Dilip is currently a mature-aged postgraduate student at the University of Melbourne. He is also currently employed at Monash and Swinburne Universities as a tutor and volunteers his time to help children in schools throughouth Melbourne. Dilip has a proven track record of managing people and projects and this has seen him implement successful practices and protocols in the numerous organisations that he has worked for. He also has numerous certifications in Occupational Safety and Health and management.

He actively volunteers his time to PrimeSCI!, a not-for-profit group, which engages the public in the scientific space. He looks forward to being able to contribute to your education.

Simonne Cohen – Student Advisor

Simonne works part time at The Career Academy, whilst studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

She intends to use her Law Degree to pursue social justice, by working in human rights law or assisting disadvantaged youth.

She is currently volunteering at the Monash Oakleigh Legal Service, which offers free legal advice to community members with their family law matters.

Previously, Simonne was the Head of Education at a non-for-profit youth organisation. This organisation ran educational programs for children on a weekly basis and various summer camps. Simonne is very passionate about education and encouraging children to reach their full potential.

She is inspired by how The Career Academy makes education accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life. The Career Academy’s caring and supportive environment motivates both students and staff members to work to the best of their abilities.

Sarah Tottle – Psychology Tutor

Sarah Tottle is a business psychologist, with experience in consulting, and a specialization in staff well being.

Her passion lies in research and writing and she is pursuing a PhD, researching occupational burnout and positive psychology interventions at Lancaster University’s Health and Medicine Faculty.

She is a passionate writer, having freelance roles as a staff journalist/writer/contributor for a number of magazines. She also offers pro-bono services to charities, and writes on a number of social issues.

Kavya Raj – Psychology Tutor

Kavya is a Bachelor of Psychology (First Class Honours) graduate with experience working at a psychiatric hospital and various neuroscience research laboratories at Monash University and Alfred Health.

She is extremely passionate about mental health and wellbeing, and is currently researching mindfulness based cognitive therapies for treating disorders such as depression and addiction. Kavya plans to pursue a PhD within the next year to continue her work and pursue a career in academia and teaching at university.

By tutoring at The Career Academy, she hopes to share her love of psychology and inspire others to advocate for mental health within the community. She strongly believes that through our courses and training, her students will be empowered to make positive contributions to the psychological wellbeing of those around them, both professionally and personally.

Kavya is also an avid baker and loves discussing – perhaps too often – the properties of perfect swiss meringue buttercream. When not busy baking cakes, she is most likely brunching at one of Melbourne’s countless café’s.

Alexandra – Student Advisor

AlexandraAlexandra is originally from the UK but fell in love with Melbourne, Australia the moment she touched down.

She is a qualified teacher and has been for the past 5 years. Alexandra says she loved inspiring her students to be motivated by learning. Her biggest achievement to date was a teaching placement in West Africa, she was able to see firsthand how important education is to people all over the world.

The beauty of working with The Career Academy is the fact she can use all of her previous skills in an innovative and industry-current way, which she says has been her most fulfilling role whilst in Australia so far.

“I am really excited and looking forward to assisting my students in the correct courses so they can flourish into whatever they aspire to be, life has no boundaries”.

Alexandra loves life quotes and says this is one of her favourites: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself“.

Eddie Callahan – Accounting Tutor

Eddie-CallahanEddie is an aspiring accountant who recently finished his Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Throughout university and more recently he has worked in several fields including the trades, factories and retail banking. Tutoring for The Career Academy allows Eddie to not only upskill his own knowledge but to also give back in a rewarding role and help others gain a better knowledge of the commercial world.

Coming from a small town in Wellington called Porirua he was the Head boy of his High school, nominated by his peers to help lead and guide them. He is a keen surfer and rugby player with a passion for fitness. Currently living in Melbourne, Eddie enjoys the big city life along with the amazing food and its diverse multicultural atmosphere. Given Eddie’s sociable nature, a perk of working for The Career Academy in a tutor role is that it allows Eddie to interact with students every day who are passionate and willing to learn.

Ridge Selvaraj – Accounting Tutor

Ridge works as a tutor at The Career Academy, with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He intends to use his Degree and experience as a previous bookkeeper to help and assist students achieve a career in accounting.

Previously, working as a tutor for his university. Ridge brings a depth of knowledge and skills that are available to students. Ridge is passionate about education, art and helping people reach their goals.

Ridge loves The Career Academy’s vision to make education easy, accessible and at the same time to provide quality education to students.

Mike Edwardson – Job Centre

Mike has a background in student services at The University of Sheffield, where he completed his MA. He has also held diverse jobs in finance, publishing and as a lifeguard. He now puts this varied background to use running our Job Centre, helping students find their perfect roles.

Hailing from Wales, he has been living and working in New Zealand and Australia for the past eighteen months, particularly enjoying the Lions well deserved draw with the All Blacks back in July. He’s looking forward to seeing England take the Ashes home this summer.

Rachael – Dog Grooming Tutor

Rachel has over 20 years experience in the animal industry. She has owned her own grooming business and worked in a number of veterinary clinics. She has trained and been a mentor for many people who wished to learn to groom their own dogs and become professional dog groomers. Rachel is all about positive handling techniques and loves to see people succeed and follow their passion for working with animals.